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Fall is upon us

Fall has officially hit. The leaves are turning the bright array of orange, red and brown as they have in years past. For many this means that we need to exchange those capris, leggings and short sleeves to jeans and sweaters. Those that love outdoor sports such as myself, it means a change in athletic attire.

Having recently moved, I have never had a need for cold gear until now. I grudgingly made my way to Sports Authority in search of cold gear. I have to admit I was over whelmed by the abundance and variety they had. So of course I made my way to my tried and true, the Under Armor section. There I found shirts, pants and anything else you could think of.

I left the store with two pairs of cold gear leggings, two cozy cold gear 1/2 zip top and one stunner-running jacket. After checking out, it occurred to me that those that have lived here their entire lives have to do this every season. Ugh the joys of living in a location with different seasons. Lets see what happens…


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