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What is Glow Bash 5K Scavenger Hunt?

Glow Bash is part 5K- "Adventure Race" style scavenger hunt. Teams of two persons or more are given clues where they will be required to solve and find the location.  At points throughout the race, racers will be encourage to participate in off the wall activities. Racers who finish all 10 clues and make it to the finish line will receive a Glowbash 5K finishers medal.


I want to sign up a team, how do I do this?
Use the registration page and click on the city you would like to compete in. Either have one person (team captain) register the team, or have each teammate register them self. Be sure to enter their team name in the drop down box used when they purchase their tickets. Most people will tell their friends the team name they have chosen and each person will register and pay for their own ticket.  If you have any questions on how to register properly or if you have registered and want to confirm you have completed this process please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Is there a way to know how many entries are left for a particular city?
The best way to stay up to date on Glow Bash is to follow our Facebook page. We are always updating the page with important information.



Are walkers are welcome at Glow Bash 5k ?
Walkers. Runners. And Everything in between.  Just ensure you have FUN!



Are strollers allowed at The Glow Bash 5k?
Yes strollers are welcome. Just please be careful and don't run over anyone.



Is there an age limit at The Glow Bash 5k?
No there is no age limit. Younger runners are welcome and encouraged to participate. 

What is included with my Glow Bash 5k Registration?

Race entry, Glowbash T-shirt, glow swag, Bib # and sponsor goodies

When and where do I pick up my race packet for the Glow Bash 5k?
The exact details of packet pick up depend on each city. The packet pick up details will be posted on the website and Facebook page once scheduled. Packet Pick up is MANDATORY.If you are unable to attend one of our scheduled packet pick up dates, please email: Events with under 100 people will not incur a pick up fee.

What do you do with the $5 Event Day packet pick up fee? This fee goes directly to the charity in the city that you are participating in.



Can someone else pickup my race packet for me?
Yes friends and family members are welcome to pick up your race packet for you. If you are picking up packets for multiple participants please have a list of those participants and include first name, last name, age, and gender and team name if applicable. You will also need a photo copy or copy of their ID. Waivers need to be electronically signed by all participants prior to Packet Pick up.


Is  beer at the After Glow Party  for participants?
No, in an effort to keep our registration fees down we do not provide free beer. At many of our locations there will be a full bar, provided by our host. Please check your specific location to see where that event is being hosted.


I purchased and now can't attend. Do I get a refund?
Sorry, there are no refunds.  You can still transfer it to a friend, or pick up your included gear at packet pickup even if you cannot attend and have purchased a ticket. TRANSFER FEES WILL APPLY.


Can I transfer my registration to another person?
You have until one week before the event to transfer to another person. You can transfer your entry to another person by email Glow Bash at TRANSFER FEES WILL APPLY


Is there a charity partner for Glow Bash 5k?
Yes we have charity partners for each city. Check each city location for more details.


What should I bring?

Here are some suggestions:
Cell phone- Smart phone, Water, GPS, city map,  pens & pencils, etc 


Do I need to be a runner to finish?
Absolutely not.  You can easily complete the event by walking.  In fact, the better you do with the clues, the less you might walk!


Do we have to complete the checkpoints in any particular order?
Your clues can be completed in the order that you choose.

Can we ride the bus or train?
Absolutely, and deciding when to use it will be a key element in your strategy to finishing the race. Public transportation is your only option besides foot travel. That doesn't include Taxi's, or catching a ride from a friend or stranger!


How Long is the Race?
Time: about 2.5 hours. But plan to stick around for the post-race BASH*. Distance: between 3 and 7 miles depending on what route you take.


When (and what) is race check-in?
You'll need to show up 30 minutes to an hour prior to the race start. There will be no need for you to Check in if you have already done so at the MANDATORY Packet Pick up.
Fifteen minutes prior to race start we'll have a mandatory meeting for everyone....Five Minutes before the start we'll hand out the envelopes containing clues.... Then the race starts you open your clues and get to work.


Do you cancel the race if it rains?
The race is run rain or shine, it just adds another challenge to the race!


How do I volunteer?
We are always looking for volunteers. Email us at and indicate which city you'd like to help in.


Will there be any awards?
At the end of the race we will present trophies to the top 3 teams.  ALL participants will receive a finisher's medal.

After bash will be for events larger than 100 registered people.






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